Artisan Tools 5e in DnD

Artisan Tools 5e in DnD [List of Artisan Tools]

Tools are necessary where we want to accomplish, which can be difficult to achieve without tools. These things may include things such as forging documents, making or repairing items, and prying locks. One should know the extensive use of the tool to get the proficiency. Many things can provide you proficiency in certain tools such as Race, expertise, background, and profession. Let’s discuss Artisan Tools in detail.

What are the Artisan tools?

If you want to pursue craft and trade, you would need the Artisan tools. Artisan tools are of different types, and each type provides items related to a single craft. You get proficiency bonus to any ability check you make using the tools in your craft if you have proficiency with a set of Artisan’s tools. The proficiency in any tool of Artisan tool will work on their corresponding tools.

Artisan Tools 5e in DnD

The following is a list of Artisan’s tools with a short description of each. Whatever crafting system you are deciding to use, you should think of these write-ups as crafting companion.

Artisan’s Tools 5EweightCost
Alchemist’s supplies8 lb.50 gp
Tinker’s tools10 lb.50 gp
Glassblower’s tools5 lb.30 gp
Jeweler’s tools2 lb.25 gp
Brewer’s supplies9 lb.20 gp
Smith’s tools8 lb.20 gp
Cartographer’s tools6 lb.15 gp
Mason’s tools8 lb.10 gp
Calligrapher’s Supplies5 lb.10 gp
Painter’s supplies5 lb.10 gp
Potter’s tools3 lb.10 gp
Carpenter’s tools6 lb.8 gp
Cobbler’s tools5 lb.5 gp
Leatherworker’s tools5 lb.5 gp
Cook’s utensils8 lb.1 gp
Weaver’s tools5 lb.1 gp
Woodcarver’s tools5 lb.1 gp

Alchemist’s Supplies

Alchemist’s Supplies is a popular toolkit through which you can effectively convert GP into HP via healing potions. This toolkit provides you the ability by which you can create magical potions.

Brewer’s Supplies

Brewer’s Supplies got a limited list of craft-able items, but if the campaign is around a single location, it can make selling alcohol and pretty penny brewing.

Calligrapher’s Supplies

Calligrapher’s Supplies also got limited crafting options, but if you know about it, you can use the correct option at the correct time.

Carpenter’s Tools

Carpenter’s Tools allows you to lead in the creation of many wooden items. When you are creating a structure in the DND world, then this artisan tool is necessary.

Cartographer’s Tools

Cartographer’s Tools have amazing and nonexistent crafting options, especially in navigating charted areas. If you are working on a campaign such as the marches campaign, then this tool got amazing benefits for you.

Cobbler’s Tools

Cobbler’s Tools have enough crafting items to get lead in the creation of magical footwear used by all classes. With this tool, you can able to maintain footwear.

Cook’s Utensils

Cook’s Utensils got very limited RAW crafting options but have enough to use every day. This Kit is good for creating magical home-brewed dishes and stews.

Glassblower’s Tools

With Glassblower’s Tools, you can create a limited number of magical and mundane items. It also assists in building creation adds, and the artwork with this Kit can get you an excellent price on the market.

Jeweler’s Tools

Jeweler’s Tools Is a very accessible crafting choice with which you can craft a decent number of mundane items. It is a strong artistic option as it provides you the ability to craft magical rings and embed gems in all manner of equipment.

Leatherworker’s Tools

Leatherworker’s Tools is great for a sneaky and light armor user as it has a solid list of magical items. With these magical items, you can create a surprisingly strong list of items.

Mason’s Tools

Mason’s Tools got limited crafting options but are essential to large construction projects. This Kit allows you to create magnificent works of art and mastery of stone that provide capabilities in stone caves and structures.

Painter’s Supplies

Painter’s Supplies also got limited RAW crafting options but is best in terms of artwork creation.

Poisoner’s Kit

Poisoner’s Kit is a popular choice as it got all of the natural poisons in the world, which you can use temporarily.

Potter’s Tools

Potter’s Tools can create a solid list of mundane ceramic items but requires some flexibility from the DM. It also provides a great choice for crafting and selling magical items.

Smith’s Tools

In the 5th edition of this Smith’s Tools, you can create most of the items, which makes it a fantasy crafting kit. This Kit is for any power-gaming party as it got the ability to mend.

Tinker’s Tools

Tinker’s Tools allows you to create most items in the game, and if you have proficiency in this Kit turns you into the ultimate assistant. If you’re creating mechanical items, then this Kit can be interesting for you as it has as a bit of home-brew potential.

Weaver’s Tools

Weaver’s Tools got limited on the mundane item crafting front. With this Kit, you can create magical items and artwork. It is worth the price as it has the adventuring bonuses granted to interacting with knots and cloth objects.

Woodcarver’s Tools

Woodcarver’s Tools Provide a balance between functionality and flexibility in the game
as you can create a number of the magical and RAW mundane with it.


This article provides you information about the Artisan tools that you can use in DND. These tools have some limitations, but if you have the proficiency, you can use the right feature or tool at the right moment.

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