D&D 5e musical instruments

You will find the D&D 5e musical instruments in the player manual present in chapter 5. The way you use any tool or your knowledge with those instruments indicates that you had used it before. Or you will also have some experience about which song should be played with this instrument, so it doesn’t feel awful.

About musical instruments:

  • The way you play that instrument will show how much experienced you are.
  • When you add a musical instrument in any of your performances, it automatically increases that show’s value.
  • As you get experienced with your instrument, you can easily compose new tunes or lyrics to make a beautiful song, which will impress the listeners and beautifully convey a noble message.

List of D&D musical instruments:

Some of the D&D instruments are not related to each other, as knowing a specific tool will help you play only that. The device mentioned below is the most popular instrument played in the D&D game.


We can also call it shalom, and it is a type of pan pipes. These bird pipes are scared of Lliira and satyrs. And this instrument is popular among wood elves and wild elves.


This instrument has sorrow or mournful sound. And they are shaped like short, curved horns. This instrument is mostly used to play classical and jazz music.

Hand drum:                                                                                                                            

A drum with double-headed skin with having handles on both sides.


It is a type of flute only skilled peoples can play.


This type of instrument is said to be a sign of good luck. And similar to an oboe or a bassoon. These instruments have some below-powered versions.


It is made from carved wood and said to be a simple flute or a recorder.


You can compare this instrument with a tambourine as the humans of south dale lands play it.


This instrument is used to make music from wind, with the help of reed. They are straightforward to play that peoples from different tribes make it frequently and gave them to their children to play.


The most common instrument in underground cultures because they make echoing sound. In actual they are hanging bells play with light hammers or hands.


It is a metal disk that produces vibrant sounds; usually, a stick or hammer is used to sound. The main creatures who make and play this type of instrument are goblins and dwarves. In the Underdark, the echoing sound of this instrument passes through tunnels.


This instrument is similar to the guitar. It’s a southern instrument that comes from Ann and Calimshan. Different type of variations in this instrument has spread across the continent.


It is an instrument used in the casting of spells. Zulkoon is a problematic complex pump originated from Zulkirs of thay.

Skilled musical play:

The ways you play musical instruments show how much knowledge you have or how experienced you are. You will also surely know that what to play? And which type of songs can be played using all the D&D 5e musical instruments. The entertainer background 5e or outlander background 5e is included in professional musical playing. Your special tricks and training help you to recall the legends that use to play these instruments. Each instrument will be having the name of any code, which was an expert in playing the device and make it an example for others. When you started to add different types of instruments playing in your programs or shows, your ability to play that tool will increase, and you will become professional in it. After getting experienced and professional, you can know to add different types of tones or make new tones or lyrics.


Playing music is very beautiful as it is an attractive way of expressing your feelings or emotions. In the above article, I have told you a different type of D&D background musical instruments. Every instrument has its specification and quality to make it different from others. When you get used to it or start playing it, you will become professional, and now you can beautifully explain your message. All the instruments have some legends that play that instrument like an expert, so people make them ideal and start to learn.

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