Hex 5e spell Attack

Hex 5e spell Attack

Whenever you hit the target with an attack, you can inflict the damage with Hex, and in Hex, the keywords are ”attack” and ”hit”. in the attack, the spells that include Magic Missile are not an attack as they lack an attack roll. In Hex spells like Eldritch Blast act is primary combat usage of Hex and allows you to make a ranged Hex 5e spell Attack do count for Hex.

While concentrating on maintaining the spell,  for Hex damage, you should hit the target again and again. As the case was before 5E, Hex supports the Warlock as a damage-heavy ” striker” character.

What does Hex do 5e?

The creature you can see in the range, you can place a curse in it with Hex. Whenever you hit the target with an attack, you have to deal with an extra 1d6 necrotic damage to the target until the spell ends, and you should choose the ability while casting the spell.

You can curse a new creature using a bonus action on your subsequent turn if the target drops to 0 hit points before ending the spell. The spell ends early if a Remove Curse cast on the target. You can maintain your concentration on the spell for up to 8 hours at higher levels, including casting a spell using a spell in the 3rd or 4th level. While casting a spell with the use of a slot of 5th level or higher, it allows you to maintain your concentration on the spell for up to 24 hours.

Is Hex good 5e?

Hex is a great spell with good tactical uses and is extremely valuable. Whenever you hit something, it does an extra 1d6 damage and also has a no save disadvantage on an ability check of choice 1st level spell.

Is Hex a good move?

If you’ll combine Hex move with other moves such as Toxic, other status aliment moves, and Hypnosis, then it’s a good move.

Does Hex affect attack rolls?

Hex doesn’t affect attack rolls or saving throws unless it specifically mentions each; no feature calls for or interacts with one of those that apply or interact with the other types.

Can you stack Hex and Hexblade’s curse?

If you want to stack, there is a need for concentration in Hex while it requires a high concentration in bestow curse. Hexblade’s curse doesn’t require concentration.

Does hex stack 5e?

It is possible to stack them as they are two different spells, but you couldn’t cast them both yourself as they both need concentration. If you want someone else’s HM, would stack with your Hex. You need to have several different spells with similar effects for this. You could cast these both spell on the target if you’re a Ranger /Warlock.

How do you impose the disadvantage of saving throws?

The attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks that use the constitution, Dexterity, and strength can get a disadvantage if you carry weight over ten times your Strength score. A creature gets a disadvantage on Dexterity and attack rolls, saving throws when you squeeze through space one size smaller than itself.

Is Hex a good move for Gengar?

Gengar has a decent move for the game, which is that it gets benefit form STAB and cover its main weaknesses. You can deal less DPS with Hex, but with Hex, it gains energy slightly faster, which you can lead to firing off an extra Shadow Ball, which can be a good move for Gengar.


This article provides you information about Hex 5e spell Attack. You can play in a great way against your target with this all information. Hex has a good move against Gengar and can affect attack rolls.

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