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Toll the Dead 5e – DnD

In Toll the Dead Within the range, you can point at one creature. After this, the air around the creature got filled with the sound of a mournful bell. If the target gets success in saving throw and can take 1d8 necrotic damage. The target takes 1d12 necrotic damage in case of missing any of its hit points. When you reach the 5th level, which has 2d8 or 2d12, 11th level, which has 3d8 or 3d12, and 17th level, which have 4d8 or 4d12, the spell’s damage increases by one die.

DnD Spells –Toll the Dead 5e  

It causes necrotic damage as Toll the Dead forces a connection between some negative energy force and some target within 60 feet of the caster. This force has a connection with mourning and graveyards. It creates a sound of a mournful bell while imposing upon the target and mystically announcing its arrival.

It’s up to you to choose and use a different sound for other cultures that include bagpipes, the wail of loss, and drumming. The Necromancy spell cast when spellcaster verbalizes and gesticulate. If the target misses any hit points, it should take 1d12; otherwise, it should take 1d8 necrotic damage and must make a WIS save. Warlock, Cleric, and Wizard spell list is where Toll the Dead is on.

What does “toll the Dead” do in 5e?

Toll the Dead is different from most damage cantrips and is on the list of wizards, warlocks spell not on sorcerers, bards, and druids. Chill Touch does necrotic damage with a 60° while Toll the Dead does1D8 necrotic damage on a 120° range. The damage jumps up to 1D12 if the target was damaged already. 1D12 is the most severe damage you can get with a cantrip. In case of a warlock with Agonizing Blast invocation, and Eldritch Blast 1D12 is not the most severe damage.

How good is the toll on the dead?

Toll the Dead is not good as much it looks super powerful and seems like a trap for people. It is good with jo doubt if you compare it with the previous best Cleric damage cantrip Sacred Flame.

Does necrotic damage heal undead 5e?

In the 5th edition, Ncrotic damage does not heal undead. Unless there is a specific trait or feature such as Cure Wounds doesn’t get affected. Otherwise, natural healing can heal any creature.

What is resistant to necrotic damage?

Creatures that includes most undead and lights are resistant to necrotic damage. The necrotic damage can deal with the force of death and can fade away the matter and the soul. There are very few creatures that are at risk of necrotic damage.

Can you heal necrotic damage?

The necrotic damage and any other damage get healed unless this text or something similar to it is present in the description of the power, ability. The keyword hit point maximum decides the inability to heal this damage as if it increases the maximum hit points, and it is unable to heal the damage.

Reasons to take Toll of the Dead

The following are the reason why you should take Toll of the Dead.

  • It has higher base damage as a d12, which is a manageable condition to meet. So you should go for this always as it is a d12 outside of edge case.
  • You can ignore cover
  • It includes wisdom which means it is usually a better stat to target than AC
  • There is nothing for damage
  • It is more flavorful
  • This one has a rolling a fun d12
  • It doesn’t get the effect by disadvantage conditions to attack


This article is all about Toll the Dead, and you can get to know everything about it. You can compare with others by comparing the reasons, pros, and cons.

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